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Anonymous - Vein Clinic PA Review

I really appreciated clear information, asking all the time how I was feeling. Legs feel OK.
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Worst Symptoms: Pain, heavyness, visible problems, and tiredness in both legs, but especially the right one. I use to have a constant uncomfortable feeling, but especially when I walk fast or run.

Treatment Experience: I really appreciated:

  • Personal and nice salute, and very nice smiles most of the times.
  • Clear information. I like a lot of introduction material and video.
  • Asking all the time about how I was feeling, or if I have any doubt or question, or if I was comfortable. A really nice team!
  • Phone system. Except for the bill department, the phone was fast answer and nicely talk... Warm and informed service.

It could be done better:

  • Bill and collection department. They do pretty good on gathering insurance information; however they are some slow on answering.

Describe your experience with us:

  • Provider/Doctor/Nurse Practitioner: Very good.
  • Phlebology Techs: Excellent.
  • Medical Assistant: Most of them were great!
  • Front Office Personnel: OK.
  • Call Center/Patient Service Center: Very good.
  • Account Services/Billing: OK. Nice, but take a long time for answers most of the times.

Results: Legs feel OK. I have not [yet] been able to check my legs under a fast walk or run.

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