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Gloria N - Vein Clinic PA Review

[Had] tired, achy legs. Dr. Gupta and Staff were awesome! I feel so much better and could not be happier.
Gloria N.

Worst Symptoms: Tired, achy legs - RLS - hard to get up and go when seated for a while.

Treatment Experience: You could have done nothing more. Love the coffee in the waiting room too!! Thank you all so much and Happy New Year.

Describe your experience with us:

  • Provider/Doctor/Nurse Practitioner: Dr. Gupta and all Staff were awesome!
  • Front Office Personnel: So friendly and helpful.
  • Account Services/Billing: So quick to respond to any questions and worked with my insurance for me.
  • Other (please describe): So accommodating w/later appts. and so thorough. I have never felt better.

Results: My legs look better which is of course an added bonus. I feel so much better and could not be happier. Generally walk 4+ miles each day and now I can do and feel great. Before it was an effort for me and now it's not even a thought. 

gloria niebuhr

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