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James H - Vein Clinic PA Review

I made an excellent choice going with Vein Clinic PA.
James H.

Our patient, James, sent us this nice letter after his treatment:

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Dr. Sam Gupta is one great doctor who employs an outstanding staff, without exception. I chose this provider after considerable research including consultation with my primary provider including a consultation with a general surgeon, about a surgical procedure. After careful consideration and the recommendation of friends that had gone to Dr. Gupta, I made an excellent choice of going with Vein Clinic PA. I am a retired Police Chief who spent my lifetime in law enforcement with many days walking a beat starting out over 50 years ago. I was told, even then, that I had vein problems and should wear compression hose, which I rarely did, but never considered doing any thing about it until 2014 when I had a vein rupture that put me in the emergency room while out of State. The ER Dr. told me to get the veins fixed when I returned home, which took me to Dr. Gupta. I could not ride in a vehicle much over an hour without my legs cramping and going numb to the point where I could hardly walk for a short time after leaving a vehicle. I was having trouble walking up and down stairs without my legs feeling lame and stiff. I had frequent leg cramps while sleeping or just sitting in a chair. I was also being treated for what was diagnosed as psoriasis in my left ankle. Dr. Gupta said he would take care of that, which turned out to be a vein issue and not psoriasis. He was right. My legs are back in the condition of several years ago without the discomfort I was experiencing. The procedure was about as simple as a medical procedure can get. No surgery. Little discomfort. I went back to a normal routine after each procedure. In addition, no more ugly veins on my legs. I should have done this years ago and all was paid for by insurance, except the compression hose which had to be worn for twenty four hours after a procedure.

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