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Vonnie K - Vein Clinic PA Review

All of this has improved. I have my pain-free legs back and yes, no more restless legs.
Vonnie K.

Worst Symptoms: Aching legs, restlessness, tire easily walking long distances, discoloration, swelling.

Treatment Experience: Everything was so professional from the phone call, to the walk through the door, the consultation, & finally the [procedure] itself. It happens just as they say it will. The encouragment, compassion, and professional results are all present.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Dr. Gupta: compassionate, professional, & great sense of humor.
  • Phlebology Techs: Friendly, fun, knowledgeable.
  • Front Office Personnel: Always welcoming.
  • Account Services/Billing: I appreciate how Billing is trying to help me w/ the bills as I'd made my plans for [the procedure] late in  October, & Blue Cross/Blue Shield dropped their support in January. My [procedure] was already scheduled for February. I'm still waiting closure, but Billing has been very helpful & supportive.

Results: All of this has improved. I have my pain-free legs back and yes, no more restless legs.


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