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Roxy S - Vein Clinic PA Review

Doctor and all staff members make the patient feel so comfortable and at ease; willing to answer any/all questions. Appointments are made in a timely manner, leg improvements are improving steadily/rapidly – can’t wait until the next appointment.
Roxy S.

Worst Symptoms: Achiness, heaviness, sore to touch, tired muscles. Walking, standing – short/minimal periods of time.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Excellent – answered and explained any and all questions. Caring, gentle, professional.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Kind, courteous, professional, understanding.
  • Phlebology Techs: Very pleasant, professional.
  • Front Office Personnel: Very pleasant, kind, professional.
  • Billing Staff: Informative, courteous.

Results: Walk and stand for much longer periods of time. Less cramping/restlessness.

How Vein Clinic PA is different: Clients become known by 1st name basis from first treatment.


Our vein clinic has relocated to Missouri, serving patients in St. Joseph, Savannah, Chillicothe, Maryville, Cameron, Mound City, Bethany, Trenton, Platte City, Barnard, Hamilton, and Gallatin.

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