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Sheila J - Vein Clinic PA Review

Sleeping better.
Sheila J.

Worst Symptoms: Swelling, itching & leg cramps.

Previous Treatments: Previously, I had vein stripping. My legs were fine for awhile and then the varicose veins reappeared.

Treatment Experience: Excellent.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Excellent. Caring attitude towards patient and informed patient about pain control.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Very friendly, compassionate and efficient.
  • Phlebology Techs: All of them were professional and caring. Well trained and personable – explained procedures.
  • Front Office Personnel: Delightful, friendly and efficient.
  • Billing Staff: Efficient – no problems. Well explained procedures that insurance covered.

Results: Sleeping better. Psychologically feel good about the treatments.


Our vein clinic has relocated to Missouri, serving patients in St. Joseph, Savannah, Chillicothe, Maryville, Cameron, Mound City, Bethany, Trenton, Platte City, Barnard, Hamilton, and Gallatin.

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