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Deysi Johncox - Vein Clinic PA Review

Now I can enjoy activities with my son without the fear of pain.
Deysi Johncox

deysideysiDeysi and her husband own a small office cleaning company, where she's responsible for training employees. She spends most of her workday on her feet, working with her team. She experienced severe restlessness in her legs at night, which interfered with her sleep. Lack of sleep, combined with pain and heaviness, meant she couldn't work a full day anymore; she would work for 4-5 hours and then go home to rest.

Deysi thought her spider veins were a normal part of aging. Her doctor couldn't find anything wrong so he recommended she have her veins looked at. After a free consultation, and a mapping, she learned that varicose veins were causing her problems, even though they weren't visible on the surface.

Within a few days of her first treatments, she was sleeping through the night for the first time in years. Now she has more energy, is happier all around, and can enjoy outdoor activities with her son without the fear of pain.

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